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i think it's so nice of you and great that you're offering to vid people's suggestions! also your creations are awesome and oh man i love that you did one to "say something." :3 if you're still taking prompts, i always thought that the lyrics for "unstable" by anberlin fit destiel perfectly though idk if it's your type of music? i also think "mars" by nick ingham/terry-devine king would work really well for an epic instrumental. but totes no worries if you don't want to use those suggestions :3

Keep calm and don't blink! Answer:

Hi there, lovely anon!

First: Thank you so much!
Second: Consider your prompt as good as done. It might take a while, because I am very busy this week, but I’ll do it!
I really like both songs but for now I will go with “Unstable” (but who knows maybe I’ll use “Mars” in the future, we will see what Season 10 will bring to us.)

When it comes to music I am very open minded, so I’ll listen to everything someone suggests and even if I don’t like it the first time, I try again and sometimes I fall for the song after I’ve listen to it for the tenth time. ^^ (Though there are of course types of music I just don’t like.)

Thank you for your lovely message, it made my day!
(And since my laptop/tumblr don’t let me put a gif here, have a link.)

Shout out to everyone who always wanted a Destiel-video with this one song but nobody has made it - I am taking Destiel video-prompts again!
Give me a song (or two) (you can also add a special scene you want in it or point me to a gifset…) and I’ll look into it.

Only condition: I have to at least like the song a little bit, because I have to listen to it a lot.

For reference. Just if you want to see what you might get in the end.

Just send me a message/ask.

prompt video destiel Destiel give me a song i am ready

Suicide is painless - Destiel

Tumblrversion for all the Gema bothered germans.

destiel deancas Deancas suicide is painless damngema Everything is Destiel and nothing hurts.